Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hair day.

Normally, Monday morning is about bleary eyes on the train and trying to reassemble my head in one or two too many status meetings. This week, I took the morning off and had myself a little hair day instead.

I woke up an hour earlier than normal and skipped over to the west Village, where Reagan was getting gussied up with her husband, seƱor photographer extraordinaire Jake, ready to start our shoot. Reagan and Jake are putting together some video tutorials for Hairdresser on Fire showcasing a bunch of Aussie products. I'm very excited that she had me as one of her hair models - even though it was 7:30 in the AM, I think we had a pretty good time.

Side note: I was "split ends" girl. Aussie Split End Protector. I found this to be a combo of mortifying and hilarious, as you've probably witnessed me picking at my split ends like nobody's business on more than one occasion. Typecast.

Finished products are still in the works, but here's a sampling of Jake's stills from the day. I make some really weird faces so don't make fun (I think my fantasy modeling career died a little bit that day).

I was one of five models - here are some beautiful shots of my darling Amanda Blair. I think she might be a real model in disguise. A model shark (similar to a pool shark).

You work that chair, AB.

Despite being completely exhausted that evening, as an end to my hair day I watched Tangled on Netflix Instant. Sir is in London on a business trip (trying to conceal my jealousy), which is when I like to try to muck up his Netflix account with bizarre girly items. I didn't really intend to watch it but I had hair on the brain. I also didn't intend to stay up until 1:30 am to watch the whole thing.

Confession: it was an awesome movie. Completely hilarious and really well done.

Stay tuned for links to the finished tutorial! And New York - stop being so damn muggy so we can have some actual good hair days!