Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sir James Dyson, I adore thee...

It's weird, sometimes, the stuff that sparks inspiration.

Sir James Dyson was on the Today Show this morning, with a segment about Dyson's new product, a bladeless fan. My ears perked up, and the reasons for that are threefold:

1. Sir James Dyson's buttery voice turns me into a puddle of mush. He could sell me anything.

2. I love Dyson in general. Sexy household products? Yes, please.

3. The type of fan we're talking about is, by definition: any of various devices consisting essentially of a series of radiating vanes or blades attached to and revolving with a central hublike portion to produce a current of air.*

A fan is a thing with blades. But, blades aren't perfect. So, let's ditch 'em.

It's really cool when people improve upon products and services to make them better: more efficient, safer, more functional, easier to use, etcetera. It's incredibly cool when people redefine them. Maybe a bladeless fan is a ridiculous product that nobody really needs, but it's kind of fantastic to think that people out there are inventing products that have no need for the elements that used to define them.

Sir James Dyson, you're pretty cool. You make me want to create things, maybe advertising things, maybe other things, and throw the limitations of definitions out the window. You make me want to be an inventor. You go, James Dyson.