Saturday, November 17, 2012

July - Nov 2012

Lately I've found myself so full that I've just no room left for words. Sorry 'bout it, and here's a little recap of the past five months, in photos. Yes, this is a cop-out, but it's better than nothing.

July: We got a new baby. Welcome to the family, Prince Harry-Buttons Jones.

Hi Mom!
Who thought I would turn out to be such a menace? 
I love my brother Ian. Sometimes.

August: Toured Colorado via rental car with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. VandeVelde, allez!

I love Aspen.
I also love Cadel Evans, but not enough to wait around for an autograph.
VandeVelde in yellow in Aspen. Foreshadowing!
We had pretty good seats.
We ride fancy bikes, too!
VandeVelde (L) vs Leipheimer (Y) in the time trial.
Also, I turned 27.

Sept: Clay turns 31.

I like him a lot.

October: Engaged! Welcome to the family, Jennifer Ann Jones (Jones pending).

The pretty!
You know what's fun, is trying on diamonds at Tiffany.
We are getting married at Full Moon Farm. How cute is that?
I mean, come on.

More October: Hurricane Sandy!!! This was the scariest few hours of my life so far. We are okay; New York is not. But New York is pretty used to persevering, at this point.

Where are you, Manhattan?
Need to hang onto the ground so we don't fall off. Nobody is drunk.

November: We went to Belize. Unintentional engagement-moon; very pretty, lots of bugs.

Boats at Blackbird Caye.
Sunset behind our cabana at Blackbird Caye. 
Day trip to Half Moon Caye - see definition: island. Idyllic!
Clay and Chris snorkeling around Half Moon Caye reefs.
The most darling hipster-esque ruins of a 200-year-old lighthouse at Half Moon Caye.

That's all. Maybe one of these days I'll write you a little story about some of this stuff.