Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Late Night Conversatin'

A few excerpts from 12:43 am. It's funny to me to see how my mind was in two totally different places at the same time. Thanks, ichat, for writing it down for me.

On the value of basic media principles:

he: when you write a brief, don't think about messaging
think about activity
think about excitement
when you think about a web experience, don't think flashy and perfect
think big. or think little. think about commitments instead of campaigns.

me: i think you will get in trouble with media folks for this
but i agree with you

he: i would love nothing more than to get in trouble, just to see what that would be like

me: i meant like, a lot of campaigns have an awareness objective
so awareness is linked to messaging - aware of what?
but, i mean, you're right
who really wants awareness

he: brands do

me: right. i mean obviously there is equity in awareness
but no one signs their bankruptcy papers saying, "but at least they were aware"

he: i suppose.

...and simultaneously, to my best pal, currently residing in Oz:

me: there is a kangaroo on jimmy kimmel right now
is that you?

she: yes.

me: i thought so.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

LMJ's Cheese-A-Rific Newcomer's Guide to the Windy City

So, two of my favorites from the Miami and MAS scene are en route to Chicago for their next QA adventure. Seeing as I have been here exactly one day less than one month, I am hardly an expert on the city and really not qualified to pass along any kind of wisdom or insider insight whatsoever. However, I am really good at being new, somewhat awkward and touristy, and finding my way around (slowly). Seeing as both A and J keep asking me for all kinds of advice, here is a little list of items I find helpful and/or awesome thus far.

1. The Chicago Plus Card. Get one, and buy it online now. I cannot reinforce this enough. They take a week or so to deliver, during which time you will need them at least 5 times. Save your cash for the bar, and learn enough about CTA to get to work, your friends' places, the bars, wherever. Figure out the rest later.

2. The city is a grid. The lake is east. I actually figured all this out, meaning you can, too. Anyone who has ever gone anywhere with me, ever, knows that I have no idea where I am. But remembering the grid thing and that the lake is east, I have actually only gotten quasi-lost like 2 or 3 times. For realsies.

3. Do the touristy stuff. Go ice skating at Millenium Park, check out the shiny bean, go to the Sears Tower, Wrigley Field, the Magnificent Mile, Navy Pier, the Lincoln Park Zoo, museums, take the riverboat architecture tour, all that jazz. For the love of God, get a hot chocolate at the Hershey store. Tourists like this stuff because it is actually pretty cool, and it defines Chicago, to some extent. Take a weekend and get it out of your system. Take some pictures while you're there.

4. Do the other stuff. Check out the neighborhoods, wander around, find new restaurants, shops, and dive bars. In my opinion, the artsy neighborhoods and the hole-in-the wall establishments are where the real Chicago can be found. I am just getting started on this one. You can come with me. There will be drinks.

5. Network with the ad people. So, so many avenues for this. Do not, repeat, do not take for granted. You are both going to super cool agencies. Take advantage. Go to agency events. Meet people. Learn stuff. I am working on this one as well.

This is more or less all I have thus far. I will letcha know if I come up with any other winners. And, welcome to Chicago!

On porn, and things that are real.

According to the demo research I have been pulling for a plan I'm currently cracking out, you people, young people especially, like reading blogs. I would like to surmise that this is because our generation feels that it has been somewhat deceived, scammed, and swindled by society, politics, the man, what have you, and we value things that are real. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly a purpose for the ridiculous and the obscene - I plan my Monday nights around Gossip Girl. But this crowd respects honesty. Despite an underlying feeling of doubt encircling the veracity of the items posted in cyberspace, there is a feeling of sincerity to a good deal of the content found in blogs. And I think that the social media junkies and regular Joes alike, we appreciate a little something that feels authentic.

I went out for a drink or three last night to catch up with my old friend, the real wonderboy, and his beautiful girlfriend, who I had not yet met. Upon facebooking her today, I had a chuckle and a think about the fantastic quote she had posted in her profile.

"Beyond a certain age, sincerity ceases to feel pornographic." -Douglas Coupland

I am going to do the cheeseball thing and link this back to blogging... sigh. Lame, I know. But, as you may have noticed, I haven't posted in a few weeks, mostly because I was feeling unsure that I had anything sincere or worthwhile to share. Also, I already felt a little naked based on what I've put out there thus far. But, as another good friend loves to tell me, it's time to quit being a child - I'm past the age where putting my thoughts in the light needs to be revealing in a dirty way.

I would really like this blog to be considered part of the community of cyber items that my generation finds real, and I am done being embarrassed about it. I would really appreciate any suggestions that you have as to how I can make this more relevant to the community, and also any tips as to how I can get myself out there. What can I do to get readers to say, "awesome, this chick rocks," and then pass my URL along to their web friends? I want to know how I can break through all the porn and earn your respect.

By the by, I love that this generation values the real. High fives, all.