Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Michelob intern project.

From my walk to work today, a stupid ad! This transit poster annoys me every morning.

Drink Michelob, which is a superior light beer, and you can run as fast as Lance, who generally is found on a bike, but whatever, and faster than these random people. And, did Nike give the okay on this one? They are also peddling light beers?

Is this supposed to be satirical? Where are the talking puppies? I'm fairly certain I'm in the target, as a running, Lance-loving, 21+ concerned with calorie intake, but I don't get it.

Creative fail.


  1. I have seen this ad a lot of different places, and though it was a bit bizarre as well. I immediately took note that the beer was carefully placed in the foreground of the ad to ensure that Lance was running FOR the beer, not drunk-running WITH the beer. I am guessing that the follow up to this campaign will be a collaboration between Michelob and Gatorade to create a low-cal light alcoholic sports beverage to ease those pre-race jitters lol :) P.S., I did I mention that my corporate 5k on Thursday includes a Michelob after-party? Coincidence? I think not. One thing's for sure--I'll be Lancelike as I run for my beer. -Betsy :)

  2. Hahaha ridiculous, right? Not to mention Lance is a cyclist, not a runner. Good luck with your 5K! I am sure you will be awesome :)

  3. An advertisement that caught your attention is a successful advertisement is it not?

  4. man, all i want to do after a brisk run is chug an ultra! refreshing!

  5. Mom - depends on the end objective of the campaign. Generally, objectives include brand favorability ratings (this ad annoyed me, doesn't reflect favorably on the brand) and sales (not going to buy it). Catching your attention is very important, yes. But what they do once they have your eyes is also important, and not to be forgotten!

    LP - right?? Not to mention, the guy rides a bike! Get your sports straight, Michelob. Sigh.

  6. I guess you don't follow Lance that closely or you'd know that during his 3 year sabbatical from cycling he participated in 2 NYC marathons. His best time being 2:46:43.

    He also was quite the tri-athlete before concentrating solely on cycling.

    From someone who is not in the industry, I really don't see anything wrong w/ the ad. I don't link Nike & Michelob together. I do know people who enjoy a cold one after a long race. What's the difference between him advertising for Michelob or Radio Shack? I'd compare it to Michael Jordan or any other athlete promoting a particular automobile manufacturer.

    Bottom line is that after seeing the ad on t.v. I've thought about trying Michelob Ultra.

  7. Fair enough, Bob. I did know about the marathons, but I am guessing the average Joe would not. But, I could be wrong.

    I just thought they could do better.

  8. I agree, the transit creative could be better (side note: there is an execution with him riding a bicycle).

    This ad is actually part of a campaign across multiple channels. So, kudos to Michelob for seeing the need to expand beyond TV.

    Link to one of the TV spots below:

    The strategy is actually pretty good. They are targeting people (most likely men) with above average active lifestyles and showing them they can still enjoy a cold brew without worrying about hurting their hard work/training.

    The priority consumer that they are going after certainly would know about Lance's achievements on/off the bike (as made evident in Bob's post and your reply). The average Joe is most likely the one with the beer belly sitting on the couch drinking MGD that isn't the target ;)

  9. The TV spot definitely helps. There must have been something they could have done to help the transit stand on its own - pretty tough to get a feel for their strategy from this execution. It just felt cliche to me.

  10. Also, ever notice how every low calorie beer had HAS to have a woman in it? And...nice touch of the lens flare on the bottom of the bottle.

  11. Saw this and also had to comment. As someone that has followed Lance & knew about his tri career when he was a junior beating the male pros he is just an all around amazing athlete, however from this ad & to the averge Joe I would assume he is an avid runner. Having been to many events sponsored by Mich Ultra I have yet to have an amazig recovery from drinking it after a race & although I have not tried I am guessing it will not do wonders for a pre race drink! Perhaps Lance in street cloths would have been a better take on this like the commerical! Or maybe he does have Micb Ultra in his water bottles while riding his bike! Eithe way to anyone that knows Lance you have to look at it and laugh & move on... Haha! They need some beer to market to edurancr athltetes because MGD 64 & Select 55 are flavored water & 99% a fail! Chances are my grammar is off from attempting this from phone


  12. Haha thanks Dave. Consider your poor grammar excused. Totally agree - the concept might be good, but the execution was a little strange.

    Personally, there is nothing I want less after a run than a beer. Good to hear I'm not alone!