Saturday, March 20, 2010

One World, Everybody Eats: On business accountability.

I really like the idea of holding your customer service accountable for your business. A true testament of your value to your consumer.

I tore this snippet on One World Everybody Eats from April's Food Network Magazine. [Side note, I ADORE Food Network Magazine. It's got to be the most incredibly well-organized piece of print on the newsstand. Every kind of index you can imagine, including a food-photo recipe index, organized by course (appetizers, salads, and so on). Foodies, go get yourself a copy, immediately. Love, love, love.] Basically, it's a pay-what-you-wish operation with an eye towards organic, unprocessed food and eliminating hunger in the community. FNM highlighted the fact that customers are willingly paying more than their share, which more than makes up for those who can't pay. The whole operation is so successful, more locations are beginning to pop up around the country.

Obviously, the idea of charity is a factor here, and people are more likely to give to a good cause. But the fact that a business could operate successfully simply off the appreciation of their consumer base makes for a wonderful argument for the necessity of delivering on great customer service and a high-quality product.

In the spirit of charity, I think one of my developer-friends should do a little pro-bono site work for them... their site could use a little love. What say ye?