Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Media Planner's Guide to the Super Bowl: Reprise.

In the midst of the post-Super Bowl rabble, I wrote about media placement, trying to sort out the intricacies of media's grandest dance. One of the points I made referenced the Dockers and ads that ran one right after another with very similar creative. The question: did either brand get a make-good?

The answer: yep. Chris just posted a comment pointing me to this Ad Age post documenting the aftermath. Dockers did receive free air time from CBS, despite the fact that conflicting creative content within a pod would not normally warrant a make-good.

A note on pod organization:
"TV networks deliberately screen commercials for outsize claims, unproven allegations against competitors, decency standards and other criteria. But they rarely make certain the theme and creative elements in one are completely different from others that may air in the same commercial break."
 Thanks for addressing, Ad Age, and thanks to Chris for calling my attention to it.

Another day, another media mystery solved. LMJ, signing off.