Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Choir.

While the rest of you schmucks were biting your fingernails over Lost, I spent the evening at the Field Museum, bettering myself.

I'm just kidding. About Lost, that is. I certainly have my share of stupid television shows. If we all remember correctly, I attended the American Idol tour concert this summer, so who am I to tease?

Completely serious about the Field, though. About once a month or so, National Geographic holds a speaker series called Nat Geo Live at the Field. They bring in their photographers and videographers, what-have-you, to share a bit of their experiences with those who care to know. I've had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Everest, Peter Athans, as well as Paul Nicklen, polar photographer. Both fascinating men, breathtaking photography, incredible stories. I guess that sounds kind of silly and superfluous. Please don't take my word for it - click the links above and see if there's something going on near you that you might find interesting.

Tonight's speaker was Michael Davie, a documentary filmmaker with a focus on Africa. His talk spanned several topics, but what captivated me was a story about inmates in South Africa forming a prison choir and entering (dead serious) a prison choir competition. And they are AMAZING. Speaking of stupid television shows, I'm a total Gleek; seventeen of my 24 years have been spent in choir. I absolutely adore choral music, and being in choir has shaped my life in a large way. I suppose my life has been a cakewalk compared to those of these boys, but it still struck a chord to hear them talk about how choir and music changed their lives.

Take a peek at this video, which doesn't do the story the slightest bit of justice. If it piques your interest, perhaps check out the film; if not, ah well. To each his own.

Oh, and thanks, Mom, for always making me go to choir. Love you.

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