Monday, January 25, 2010

The northwest corner staircase.

Every day, I walk to and from my apartment building through Lakeshore East Park. Quite rote activity, just another element in my daily routine. Since the park is on a lower street level than my building (I'm on the upper Wacker/Randolph level), I take the staircases on the western and eastern perimeters to cut through.

The park is really quite pretty, but the staircases are pretty standard. I was walking with a friend this weekend who suggested checking out the stairs in the northwest corner of the park, to which I had never given a second glance, behind a blocky concrete facade. So, I switched out of autopilot and we gave it a shot.



Beauty and shadow and light and weight and air and architecture and staircase-y awesomeness. I need to lie down.

Moral: Routines are average. Break 'em; try something new.
Alternate moral: Always give the stairs in the northwest corner a go.


  1. Wonderful observation, Jen.
    My spouse has a "rule" to never take the same route coming and going. With his help I have seen many things in many different ways. One day, he may learn from me that he doesn't need so many rules (routines).

  2. Your spouse must have passed this rule along to your offspring, who helped me find this staircase, among other things.

    And yes, the 'no routines' rule is a routine in and of itself. Funny :) Thanks for your wisdom, as always.