Monday, February 11, 2013

My Yoga Book Report: A Break for Headstands

I've read a few more chapters of my book now, and have attempted several other meditation techniques. I have some stuff to say about all of it (spoiler alert: did not go nearly as well as the first round) and I have more exercises to try per my most recent commute. As it were, I have neither the time nor the mental capacity to do so tonight, so instead I take a break for some headstands. Oh, also - confession, I may have skipped ahead in the book a bit. To the headstand part. I'll go back.

Anyhow, here I am, kneeling in front of the wall on the bedroom rug. I place the crown of my head on the ground, butting tightly into my clasped hands. Forearms on the ground, elbows in as close as they'll allow. Then it's heels on the ground, booty in the air (this is called dolphin pose). I pause here for a second to clean up the pose before slowly starting to walk my dolphin-flipper feet closer to my head, until my torso is more or less vertical. Then I squeezed my perfect abs and core tight and my lithe legs and feet magically floated upwards until I was perpendicular to the ground, where I stayed, effortlessly flying for several hours.

Just kidding. I definitely kicked my way up like a little kid, using the wall behind me for balance until I could get my core in line and my shoulders down. But by the third or fourth try, I am able to do it more or less without the wall, and by focusing on my center as opposed to grinding my forearms into the ground. I can hold it for twenty, maybe thirty seconds, during which time my computer-crunched spine practically weeps in thanksgiving for the brief inversion.

Headstands are fun! Yoga is fun and makes me feel good! Even on my off-days, it makes me stronger and it turns me upside-down, hooray!

That's it for tonight. Hooray!

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