Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowy in October.

Growing up in Michigan, you could bet your lunch money that no matter how gorgeous the weather was in autumn, it would be snowing by Halloween. I'm so glad our recent visitors got in and out before the sky fell, because despite our recent crisply-sunny days, it is absolutely pouring snow in Brooklyn right now.

After a quick errands-run to SoHo earlier, snow hitting our umbrella and eyelashes in heavy pattering chunks, we settled in all day with magazines, piles of blankets and cups of tea. I made creamy white beans with bacon and a big pot of kale in homemade stock for lunch and we feasted, read and cozied all day long.

There's no place I love better than our snug apartment when the city goes all snow-globe on us. I should be annoyed that we only got about two weeks of fall before winter stomped in, but I'm just not. It's all I can do not to get my Christmas decorations out of the closet.

Sir is making toddies and they smell insane. I don't even mind feeling sick when the weather is this grand.

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