Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Late Night Conversatin'

A few excerpts from 12:43 am. It's funny to me to see how my mind was in two totally different places at the same time. Thanks, ichat, for writing it down for me.

On the value of basic media principles:

he: when you write a brief, don't think about messaging
think about activity
think about excitement
when you think about a web experience, don't think flashy and perfect
think big. or think little. think about commitments instead of campaigns.

me: i think you will get in trouble with media folks for this
but i agree with you

he: i would love nothing more than to get in trouble, just to see what that would be like

me: i meant like, a lot of campaigns have an awareness objective
so awareness is linked to messaging - aware of what?
but, i mean, you're right
who really wants awareness

he: brands do

me: right. i mean obviously there is equity in awareness
but no one signs their bankruptcy papers saying, "but at least they were aware"

he: i suppose.

...and simultaneously, to my best pal, currently residing in Oz:

me: there is a kangaroo on jimmy kimmel right now
is that you?

she: yes.

me: i thought so.