Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cheers, to new beginnings.

Tomorrow begins my new life in Chicago.

I guess technically, last Saturday began my new life in Chicago. Signing my life away on a one-bedroom piece of real estate in the Gold Coast sealed the deal on that. Utilizing every last inch of a tiny U-Haul trailer to transport my life from Milwaukee, saying goodbye to various items of furniture and my precious Honda Accord, and procuring assorted injuries while attempting to set up my new place - the icing on the cake.

More technical yet would be to say that my new life in Chicago began on Thursday, Oct 23, when, crying my eyes out, I put in my two weeks at Hoffman York and signed my offer letter with Draftfcb. One of the greatest agencies in the world told me that they wanted me for their newest media planner. And I wanted them, too. How could I say no?

It took me a while to build up the moxie, but I am ready for a new life, a new city. Most importantly and nearest to my heart, I am ready to take this step towards realizing my career goals. HY gave me a great foundation in media and ignited a passion. I am excited to see where my ambition can take me from here.

Tomorrow, my first day with Draftfcb, begins my new life in Chicago. I have cheers-ed out the old, and drank in the new. Rested and recharged, I am ready to learn, to be challenged, to be better.

In leaving HY, our chief creative officer told me to make sure to shout so my voice would be heard in Chicago. As an attempt to do so, and also to learn more about the interactive space (and to get with the program, it's the 21st century), I have created this blog. It is my aim that it will serve as a forum for my ramblings on media, on Chicago, and on life. I also hope that maybe someone will find it interesting.

As a post-script, if anyone is in the market for a 2003 Honda Accord (4-door sedan in graphite with grey upholstery, 2.4 liter engine, ABS, power steering, 45K miles and newly tuned-up), holler at me. She's a sweet, sweet ride.